Ezra’s First Birthday: A Cookies & Milk Party

I wanted to do something fun for Ezra’sfirst birthday party. First birthdays are so tricky because, lets face it, your kid probaby doesn’t really have a strong opinion about much of anything at this point in his or her life. So it’s up to you to come up with something cool. Ezra likes to eat and I like to bake cookies, so I settled on a cookies and milk theme.

First I searched high and low for “cheap” milk bottle glasses. They simply do not exist, so I a whole lotta goo gone and pretty much all my spare time for about a week and, shazam! I turned 40 empty Starbucks Frappiccino bottles into little milk bottle glasses for about $1.25 apiece. Then we filled quart glass milk jars with skim milk, 2% milk and the Frappiccino from the little bottles. I also had chocolate and strawberry magic milk straws for the kids (also a hit with the adults).


Little cookie sheets from the Dollar Store made perfect serving platters for the cookies and the price was soooo right.  I  also wanted something a little healthier so I incorporated fruit by making fruit taco cookies and plated some fantastic strawberries. The tacos were a huge hit! I used cream cheese frosting with blackberries, sliced kiwi and pinepple and chunks of strawberries.


Because it seemed silly to ask people to force down an entire piece of cake and then eat more cookies, I opted for mini brown sugar cupcakes frosted with (what else?) cookie dough frosting.


I made the cake with a Wilton teddy bear cake pan and used balls of very thick fondant for the eyes. The letters are just cut from a layer of one of those giant cookie cakes that I made in a test run of cake options.

So easy and looks like it took forever to make! My favorite kind of cake….


Each child got a goody back with a small rolling pin, two cookie cutters and Magic Play Doh mix made with Kool Aid.


While the party was not nearly as easy as I had envisioned, I had a blast putting it all together.

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