Favorite Things Holiday Party: Peppermint Candy Menu

Favorite Things Holiday Party: Peppermint Candy Menu

This holiday season, I’ve gone Facebook-free in an effort to reconnect with friends face to face. I’m kicking things off with an Oprah-style “Favorite Things” party with four high school BFFs.

When I host a party, I like to give each guest a small menu on their plate. I feel like having your very own menu makes it feel like a special occasion. Plus I’ve got some picky-eater friends, and if they know what’s coming, they’re more likely to give it a try.

Since it’s December, I wanted to work a holiday theme into the party. I found a kitchy tablecloth featuring shirtless men in Santa costumes, so it was a fairly obvious jump from man candy to peppermint candy for the menus.

You can find the clip art here:

Just scale it to the size you desire. I used Microsoft word and inserted a text box. Print, cut and wrap in stiff plastic. I had some leftover gift basket wrap on a roll from last Christmas that worked perfectly. I used fishing line to keep the candy “wrappers” from falling off.

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