Passport to fun

Passport to fun

I started using these “Passports to fun” because I wanted to hold myself accountable for doing new things with my son (or revisiting favorite places) and liked the idea of a keepsake book chronicling our times together that he could look at whenever he wanted.

The beautiful thing about these passports is that there really aren’t any rules. Just take some construction paper, fold it into a book and secure with staples or brads. Each two-page section has the name of a place or activity you’d like to do that season.  We usually make ours about 10-20 pages and leave some of them blank in case we come up with new ideas. I found a nifty set of letter stampers at Michaels so we use that for our lettering but you can also just write with markers or crayons.  I also try to get some new stickers for the front cover and the inside pages. Bonus: These books are a fabulous way to use up straggler stickers.

We decorate each page with stickers and drawings that correspond to the place we’d like to visit. Once we’ve visited, I print out some small pictures to glue in place. One year I even used a butterfly shaped hole-punch to “stamp” each page after we did the activity.

On the inside of the front cover, I always snap a passport photo (no smiles!) and on the back cover, I stamp their age and have them draw, or scribble, a little something to show off their art skills. When the kids were younger, I also used packing tape to “laminate” the outside cover so it was more durable.

We do new passports with each season and my boys always look forward to making our list of fun things to do.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:


Visit Santa


Bake cookies

Decorate gingerbread houses

Go see Christmas train display

the Christmas tree



See fireworks

Go to the beach

Visit the zoo

Go to a car show



Easter egg hunt

Plant seeds




Collect Leaves

Trick or Treat

Back to school time

Pick pumpkins/hayride


Any Season

Visit a Museum

Visit an aquarium

Visit a new park

Birthday party

Go to a play or sporting event

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One thought on “Passport to fun

  1. Michelle on said:

    What a great idea!! Can’t wait to do this with the boys!

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